Research Grant

In keeping with its commitment t0 promote academic research at various levels, D.T.S.S. College of Commerce has initiated a new Research Grants Scheme for faculty members and students from 2017-18. Enable by the vision of Principal Dr. M. S. Kurhade and the benevolence of the College Management members. the Research Grant Scheme aims to provide a one-time, monetary grant to faculty members and students to encourage their research efforts. there are two categories of Research Grants:

  1. 5 faculty members will be awarded a one-time grant of Rs. 10,000/- each, for conducting a minor research project in any established academic discipline, for a period of one year, based on either their existing or a new research proposal.
  2. 5 students will be selected from the, B.B.I., B.Sc.(IT) and B.M.S. departments and will be given a one-time award of Rs. 5,000/- each, for their research-based projects which will be given a one-time award of their academic curriculum.