Career Development Academy


The Career Development Academy is a student-improvement initiative by D.T.S.S. College of Commerce. The Academy aims to select students and train them for competitive examinations like the entrance tests for various careers in the public sector, such as I.A.S., I.P.S., Railway Recruitment Board, Banking Exams, L.I.C. and many others. Training will be delivered by arranging for presentations and lectures by experts in various fields, as well as by providing books and journals for reference and learning.

Aspiring candidates are selected through written test and interview. The Career Development Academy aims to inspire students to build a career while serving the nation.

Committee Members

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Prin. Dr. M.S. Kurhade Chairman
2. Prof. Nagraju K. Member
3. Prof. Sucharita Sarkar Member
4. Prof. Chandrakant Borle Member
5. Prof. Yojana Patil Member
6. Prof. Pratibha Chiplunkar Member